Comics fascinate me very much, and I have experience in independent projects as well as collaborations. I strive to constantly try new things and express myself in this art form.


The Daily Dans

  • The Daily Dans

    My first ongoing comics project. I started out drawing a page every day, after James Kochalka, but updated it less methodically after the first four months. Slice-of-life with an emphasis on the funnier surprises and coincidences was the intention of the project. Most pages were inked with grey markers and black pens. This series was collected in three self-published volumes.

Monster Mash

  • Monster Mash

    A “zine” is a typically xeroxed, hand-distributed, underground/alternative publication. I drew and released “Monster Mash” as seven zines. The story was spontaneously-generated, loosely focusing on the interactions of various mythical creatures and their attributes. A reprint collection is in progress.


  • Cawmics

    Pronounced “comics”. This is my catch-all project for silly jokes, puns, and one-liners. The first “Cawmics” was self-published in 2010, Cawmics 1 & 2 were collected in the “Cawmics Cawmplete Cawllection” self-published in 2014.

Gill or be Gilled

  • Gill or be Gilled

    I had never tried writing a story that was both chilling and amusing in parts. I had never made a comic that had no dialogue in it. And I had no experience in using an ink-wash to finish a comic before. This comic was an experiment in many different ways, and I like to think it succeeded in some parts at least.