Dan Dunlap
British Columbia, Canada

The store in under construction. E-mail me if you have questions now.

I have a limited supply of all three volumes of The Daily Dans. I sell and mail them out myself.
The Daily Dans book 1
$7 + shipping
The Daily Dans book 2
$7 + shipping
The Daily Dans book 3
$12 + shipping

I have an few copies left of my other comics.
Gill or be Gilled hand-made first edition
$20 + shipping
Cawmics 1 
$5 + shipping
Cawmics Cawmplete Cawllection hand-made first edition
$10 + shipping

Reprints of Monster Mash, Cawmics, and Gill or be Gilled are pending.


I have no finished pieces for sale at the moment. If you would like to commission me, the pieces in my Sculpture gallery [link to Sculpture page] show the range of size and subject matter I am readily capable of starting.

I have a few original paintings, some silkscreen prints for sale and original artwork from my books. 
Contact me for details. 

Please contact me at if you would like to use me for any of the skills listed on the other pages of this website. I’m graciously and sincerely interested in continuing my career in whatever ways make other people happy to pay me to make art.